Whether you are a small business or a large multi-site operation, we understand that food safety is important to you and we have tailored our services to meet all your food safety needs.

What makes us unique is our ability to distill the many food safety requirements into a practical integrated working system that not only meets regulatory and customer requirements but also adds value to your business.


EyeOn GMP's

The Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) are the foundation on which a great HACCP plan is built.  Develop and implement the key prerequisite programs to meet quality expectations and produce safe food.

- Integrated Pest Management

The key to successful pest management is understanding pest biology and behaviour

- Hygiene and Sanitation

Everybody's definition of "clean" is different. We show you how to exceed cleaning expectations in an economical and practical realistic way.

- Allergen Management

Do not let the #1 reason for global food industry recalls become a reason of a recall for your company.

- Foreign Material Control

Reduce the load on your foreign material control devices through the proactive reduction of foreign material through every step of the process

- Personal Hygiene

A clean factory with clean personnel are the basics for all good food safety programs

- Traceability and Recall

The ability to trace product one step back and one step forward in the supply chain, is no longer enough.

Leverage technology to achieve full supply chain transparency and traceability to aid in quicker and more economical recalls.




Understand the principles of HACCP and how you can use them to develop a HACCP plan to identify, evaluate and control food safety hazards. Our experts guide you through the requirements of HACCP so you can implement a system that demonstrates your commitment to food safety and manages your risks effectively.


EyeOn Continuous Improvement

Food protection is evolving and we aim to keep well ahead of the industry trends

We do this by empowering your food safety leaders to take your food safety to another level


Exporting to the USA then you will need to have a Hazard Analysis Risk Based Preventative Controls (HARPC) Program

- Food Defense

Expand your food protection program to protect your food from intentional contamination with the aid of TACCP

- Food Fraud

Use VACCP to protect your product from any deliberate acts aimed to deceive your customer and gain an undue advantage

- Food Safety Culture

Learn the "secrets" that world-class companies use to create a highly engaged workforce


Develop the fundamental prerequisite programs for a strong HACCP plan.

Training and Education

- Online, virtual or classroom style training

- Workshops to encourage interaction and thought generation

- Bespoke to meet your specific needs

- We provide new hire, refresher and specialised GMP training


Consultation Services

All the support your team needs to develop your prerequisite programs:

- Food Safety “Health Check”

- Internal GMP Inspections

- Problem solving

- GMP Coach


Achieve HACCP Compliance.

Training and Education

- HACCP Awareness Workshop

- HACCP Team Leader Workshop

- Advanced HACCP Workshop

Consultation Services

- Internal HACCP Audits

- Gap Assessments

- HACCP Validation

- HACCP Coach



Creating Food Safety Champions

Training, education and coaching

- Food Defense and Food Fraud

- Food Safety Leadership

- Food Safety Culture

- Internal HACCP Audits

- Gap Assessments

- Internal Auditor

- Principles of Inspection and Auditing

- Teamwork

- Corrective Actions

- Root Cause Analysis

- Economics of Food Safety